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Soldier of Love


Let your imagination run wild in a world filled with original characters each with their own unique story. This exclusive collection of art includes original paintings, drawings, sculptures, books, and collectibles.

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Dragonboy Book


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Dragon Boy - The Gift

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Dragon Boy Plush

The first release in The Fabio Napoleoni Collection of Characters. This handmade plush comes in a custom designed display box. Only the first 500 are numbered.

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The Right One Will Come Along

“I have watched some surfers grab the very first wave that comes along while others seem to be a bit more picky about the wave they want to ride. There is a love for the sea and it can be clearly seen in the faces of those surfers. ...it hit me how surfing and waiting for that right wave is very similar to how some of us pursue love”

Limited Edition

Fabio Napoleoni Marcenivo and Cast Original Pen and Ink
Marcenivo and Cast
Regular price $4,500

It's Marcenivo and Cast! - Dork, Beans, Stretch, Remy, Frank, Marissa, Leoh, Love Bomb, Marlon, Mr. Bunny Boozehound, Wendal, Jimmy, Blu and The Kid!

Art Size
10" x 16"

Overall Size Including Frame
20" x 25.5"

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