Fabio Napoleoni Dragonboy Collectable Plush
Fabio Napoleoni Dragonboy Collectable Plush
Fabio Napoleoni Dragonboy Collectable Plush


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The first release in The Fabio Napoleoni Collection of Characters. This handmade plush comes in a custom designed display box. Only the first 500 will be numbered.

Marking the first release in the F. Napoleoni Artworks Characters Collection, this meticulously handmade plush is a work of art. As one of Fabio's most endearing characters, DragonBoy will come in a Custom Designed Package for easy display but at 18 1/2 inches hugging it will be hard to resist for anyone who enjoys the irresistible feel of soft plushies. This one of a kind Collectable is destined to become a Fabio Napoleoni Classic.

18 ½ inches – Soft fabric and PP Cotton filled with a pull back hood this plush collectable will arrive in a custom designed display package...

Fabio Napoleoni Drawing Art

Art with Heart

Fabio Napoleoni

When I look at something, I like to fall in love with it. I like for that painting to make my guts feel funny. I like for that painting to remind me of something or someone, whether it be good or bad, I want that emotional attachment to that thing hanging on my wall...

About Fabio Napoleoni

Fabio Napoleoni

Hand Signed and Numbered

Each and every print will always be hand signed and numbered by Fabio himself to prevent fraud and avoid the trend of machine signing and numbering.

Limited Editions

Certificate of Authenticity

Every canvas and paper limited edition comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) detailing the title of the work, year of completion, dimensions and medium.  Each COA is signed by Fabio Napoleoni 

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